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Continuous ball mill is used to grind coarse media to make fine powder with continuous operation. Having rich experience of production of competent and resourceful machinery, we have designed continuous ball mill for the continuous and efficient operation of grinding and mixing. It is provided with latest control system for the proper output and control the procedure. It is made to suit variety of materials and products. It is prepared with simple and best features like low power consumption and higher output of the product. It is used to grind fine material.

It is made from three compartment and screen. It contains three different compartments to reduce particle size gradually. It also contains diaphragms to regulate material level and control time of the withholding.

All three compartments contain different sizes of balls. Linear material and its shape is selected according to material to be ground. Material is fed into the first compartment for the primary grinding. Balls for primary grinding contain large diameter. Then material is transfers to second compartment for further grinding procedure. For the fine grinding, material is transferred to third compartment.

It is provided with efficient machinery like air classifier, blower and dust collector. It is provided with four rollers and two tiers for easy rotation of drum. It is also provided with girth gear, gear box and motor to effectively handle heavy duty grinding.

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