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Rectangular Multi Deck Screen Machine Manufacturer

With rich experience of about thirty years, we have understood each and every aspect of major industrial segments with respect to our product series. With the cutting edge technology, we have developed great inventory of screening machines. Rectangular multi deck screen machine is one of our efficient machines that work with decreased down time with profitable manner.

Rectangular multi deck screen machine exhibit dispersion stirring and stratification of material. There is a horizontal motion of feed material that continuously flows on the surface of screens. It is provided with vertically mounted robust motor. It is effectively used for the medium to fine size of particles. It is easy to install and easy to use. It is provided with compact and versatile model. It is used for sugar, sand, salt, plastics, minerals and many more materials. Manganese Oxide Pellet Plant | Single Toggle Jaw Crusher Manufacturer | Disintegrator Mill Manufacturer | Batch Type Ball Mill Manufacturer | Gyro Multi Deck Screen Machine | Rectangular Multi Deck Screen Machine | Pelletizing Equipment Manufacturer | Vertical Shaft Kiln India.